Storytelling through imagery and objects, seasonal collections and collaborations under our in-house brand name, Kanjiru: meaning to sense, feel, touch.

Our philosophies and methodology incorporates and focuses on play, feminine energies, natural elements and nature itself. 

Current ranges focus on African landscapes, native flora & fauna, connection with Mother Nature and channelling our feminine energies.

Imagine a place, a garden, only your own: you live somewhere between inside and outside in a place of nature and water and birdsong...

Flowing From Nature is a range inspired by nature, trees, leaves and flora & fauna and our love of the outdoors.

We use raw linen because of the visible texture that is an intrinsic part of the fabric weaving process. This texture makes the linen itself an artwork all of its own before our designs have been printed onto it. It is cool, breathable, and it is woven using a method similar to that used to weave mohair. 


Blue Graphic Chair

Featuring Finding Water print by Anico Mostert

Our 100% Handwoven Mohair rugs are made locally in Dimbaza in the Eastern Cape, by an all-female team or expert weavers, read more about them below. 

100% Handwoven Mohair


Shapeshifter Rug

From Water is a range designed during the height of the drought in South Africa when thoughts about the origins of water, it’s use and how dependable we are on this source first become encompassing. Bringing water into consciousness, indoor plants give the idea of greenery whilst not reuiring alot of water, and creates a feeling of an interior oasis during times of drought.


Water Bearer Rug

Featuring Water Bearer print by Anico Mostert


Water Ways sofa

Featuring Water Ways and Water Bearer print by Anico Mostert


Meadow Chair

Solid African Mahogany frame with pure linen cushion featuring Meadow Print by Anico Mostert.

A range of ceramics by Anico Mostert, shop her ceramics in our store, find out more about her on Instagram @Anico____


objects and drawings by Anico

Our range of prints for the current collections in collaboration with Anico Mostert, a young artist from Cape Town, email us on for more information about customising furniture or rugs with any of our prints. 


The End

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